To help you with your continuing legal education needs, we provide WSGR On-Demand Learning, a powerful library of resources to help increase your practical legal knowledge wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Enjoy easy access to recordings of our courses, seminars and webinars:
  • Choose your format.  Watch a course online or on many mobile devices, download it for viewing later, or read the transcript of most courses; transcripts of recent courses will be added soon. 
  • Short on time?  Watch part of a course now and resume later right where you left off.
  • Searching for guidance on a specific issue?  Search or browse to find courses that address that issue. 
  • Need MCLE credit in states that allow online credit?   Watch courses in all required areas, click on the periodic checkpoints and select "Submit Credit" at the end of the course. Credit for online viewing with checkpoints (not MP4s) is available in California (participatory), New York (experienced attorneys only), and Texas (accredited). For other states, contact our CLE Administrator.
  • Choose your browser. Chrome, Firefox, Safari are recommended.