Please join us for a panel discussion of the key areas for consideration based on the recent changes in the revenue recognition rules and how those changes could impact deal structures. Our panel of experts will highlight the areas of interest for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and provide practical guidance for dealing with these changes in partnering and other arrangements, including:

  • Recognizing near-term revenue under agreements with long-term commitments
  • Impact on structure of collaboration agreements
  • Considerations for distribution arrangements
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 29, 2016
How the New Revenue Recognition Standard will Affect Life Sciences Companies
Speaker Information
Brian Christie
Farah Gerdes
Tim Wondolowski
Individual topic purchase: Selected
New York
Professional Practice Credits: 1.50
General Credits: 1.50
California Paralegal
General Credits: 1.50
General Credits: 1.50
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This Seminar is presented free of charge.